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Patient Participation Groups

Across Suffolk Primary Care, each location has a Patient Participation Group (PPG) that serves as a platform for patients, doctors, and the Practice Management Team to collaborate. The primary goals of these groups are to promote patient well-being and enhance the quality of healthcare services. The PPGs are independent of the practices and operate through regular meetings, either in-person or virtual, where members discuss suggestions for service improvements.

While the specific structure and size of the PPGs may vary, they share a common purpose. They are not intended for addressing complaints, as those should be directed to the Practice Management Team separately. Instead, the PPGs focus on generating ideas, providing feedback, and facilitating two-way communication between patients and the practice. They play a vital role in identifying underlying issues, shaping developments, and promoting awareness of local health services.

Patients are encouraged to join these groups, and membership is open to individuals from diverse backgrounds, communities, age groups, genders, ethnicities, and disabilities. The PPGs actively seek to represent the patient population and provide a forum for patients to voice their opinions, ideas, and concerns. Some PPGs also engage in fundraising activities to support the purchase of additional equipment and services for the benefit of patients.

To join a PPG or obtain further information, patients can contact the respective practices through designated email addresses or by speaking with the Practice Manager or PPG Chairperson. Additionally, patients can leave their comments, suggestions, or views either at the surgery or through email addresses specifically provided for the PPGs.

Overall, these Patient Participation Groups serve as valuable avenues for patient engagement, collaboration, and continuous improvement in the delivery of healthcare services across the different medical practices.