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AskmyGP frequently asked questions

AskmyGP is the system that we use to enable patients to conveniently contact a clinician at our practice.

If your problem is not addressed by exploring suitable self-help options (Community Pharmacy, etc), you can send a request on any medical matter to the practice via our website – just click on the askmyGP logo on the website front page to enter and register.

If you have any further questions regarding the AskmyGP service which are not covered by the below, please speak to Reception. Thank you.

What is askmyGP?

It’s an easier way for you to request help from the practice, for yourself, your child or someone you care for.

We will contact you on the same day (within our working hours) to resolve your request. This might be via message, telephone or by face-to-face appointment – depending on the need as determined by our clinical team.

AskmyGP is usually the quickest and most convenient way to request help from our team and helps the practice to respond more effectively.

Go to the practice website and follow the link to askmyGP. You may need to click ‘Accept cookies’ for it to work. The link takes you through to the askmyGP portal where you can submit a request to our team.

New users will need to add a few details when first making a request. All you need is your name, date of birth, an email address and phone number.

Every login must have a unique email address, so you cannot share them. Getting an email is free with many services.

Yes. First, register yourself as a user at the practice where the person who needs help is registered. Once you are registered, there is an option to select ‘I am asking as a Parent or Carer.’ From here you can register the patient registered at the practice using their name, date of birth and gender. You only have to do this the first time you put in a request for them.

You can request help from any clinician working in the practice that day. If they are not in, their name won’t be shown. You can find out when your preferred clinician is working from the ‘When is your GP working?’ button on the askmyGP portal.

As well as a few details needed for registration, you should give as much information as you can to help the team assess how best to help you. If more details are needed, we will send you a message to ask any additional questions needed to make sure you get the right help.

No, simply use your own words to ask about any problem where you need help from your GP practice.

You can only submit requests during our opening times which are visible on the ‘Our service times’ link on the askmyGP welcome portal. This is usually 08:00-18:30 Monday-Friday.

You can request a face to face appointment, however it is up to the assessing clinician to decide the most appropriate course of action which may be message, telephone or face to face.

The practice (doctor or another clinician they have assigned to your care) will get back to you as soon as they can. Usually this is within a few hours during working hours.

Please keep your mobile phone to hand & check your email regularly after you contact us, so that you see our response – this will help us to help you & others most efficiently.

Requests received towards the end of the working day will be reviewed but may deferred until our next open day (if clinically appropriate).

We aim to review all incoming askmyGP requests as soon as possible (clinical safety allowing) and try to reply promptly. If you haven’t seen a reply yet, check your email and spam folder.

No, it is held securely online and you need a login to access your personal messages. You will receive an email to notify you of new secure messages from your practice.

No, this should be done through the NHS App. Please see the prescriptions section of our website or speak to reception.

No, please contact the emergency services.

On the login page, simply click “Forgotten Password” and we email a link so you can reset. No one at your practice or askmyGP can tell you your password.

Yes, you can still telephone (although getting help will usually be quicker via askmyGP). We aim to make access easier for every patient.