By sharing resources, joining together and finding new ways of working, we can ensure that patients and communities continue to receive the high level of care that they rightly deserve.

The collaboration of member practices responsible for over 130,000 patients across the county.

Our Executive Chairman Dr Nick Rayner, is a Partner at Oakfield Surgery in Newmarket.

Explaining more about the vision of Suffolk Primary Care, he says:

“This is a very exciting step for healthcare in Suffolk and one that shows the county is at the forefront of change - responding to NHS England’s call for practices to work together in closer collaboration.

“By working in partnership, we will be able to share best practice and ensure we achieve the very best outcomes for our patients. I am looking forward to working with a great team and guiding the future development of the organisation.

“Over the coming months and years, patients will see evidence of gradual, positive change as we look to make improvements and respond to people’s needs".


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